One voice is all it takes.

Her face showed up in the news again for abuse charges laid on animals. I awoke to see her path of destruction laid out like a road map. I felt the flash of anger that I buried deep inside me to forget the crimes she commits. Stories of her victims came to light one after another. Each story presented the same showing the chronic abuse of good people who fell for her stories like a fish latching onto a hook. The worst of it showed she caused mass suffering again.

I watched the media post my mothers picture again triggering the flash back of high school embarrassment yielded into anger. Everybody in my classroom knew I was Patricia Moore’s daughter, the daughter of an animal abuser. This time around the audience was all Canada. This time Canadians paid attention. The attention was a beacon of systematic failure from the SPCA, it also shone the light of incompetence of the Canadian legal system.

I again felt the anger in realization life meant nothing to her unless deemed necessary to carry on her tale of victimization. In hopes that a community can come together I was amazed at how many people came forth with information and advice. If it wasn’t for the Canadian equestrian society more horses would have died at her hands. Blood of animals are on her hands and yet on her Facebook page she claimed innocence, stating the Canadian legal system is witch hunting her. She then further posted that most of the equestrian society is bullying her. The problem with repeat animal abusers is lack of mental health detection for hidden illness. Why this lady should be allowed out; killing more animals, creating more fraud, is beyond me.

I stayed quiet for so long as her malicious intent burned strongly leaving carnage in her wake. This tale of her routines continuing constantly has no end unless action is taken. How many years should she be allowed to willingly state she is above the laws and continue her path of destruction? How many animals should die because I stayed silent? The thing about being a survivor of abuse is when you leave you want it to end. I tried to stay away for the sake of my own sanity. It meant having her removed from my life to keep safety for my children and myself. Although as if seeing for the first time I need to take a stand now and call for change so her abuse cycle ends.

The thing with Patrica Moore and many others is they thrive on emotional vulnerability. Having dead animals is no consequence for them. As long as they can find new victims and new outlets to place their cons they will continue on. The more victims that play into their cons builds on their egos. Animal abusers are truly narcissistic by nature. By saying this I see the pain of her victims and I see that as a Canadian and past victim I hope to give a voice of reason. Animal abusers such as her should be put in the spotlight as example what is wrong with the current laws in place.

No longer being a bystander I hope people who have been victimized by her will continue to find courage and speak up. I hold in good faith to end Patricia’s reign of terror the legal system will have to see Canadians, animals, and mass public, are tired of being abused in a path of one’s self-destruction. With more people speaking up and saying this is not a one time offence it would show that animal abusers are incapable of showing compassionate respect for the law, and fellow peers. I believe that if people stood in harmony and fought together it would place this whole situation into a larger motion. If people can give the recognition of one animal abuser; use their voices calling for demand of justice, it can call for larger action to end other abusers and give closure to silent victims. I went years in silence out of fear. I never thought that by using my voice and providing support others would follow suit. Using a large vocal point I can take back my self dignity: find a community of support that allows others to heal, and change laws.

One voice is all it takes to make a difference in the lives of those who have been abused. If one voice can speak volumes others will follow pursuit for a greater future of justice and peace. The blood on abusers hands can end. I hope my voice can give power back to those affected and with a slight glimpse of hope heal others who did not know they had the power within themselves. One voice, One greater good can we all speak up now?